“I have a wider perspective than most. As a woman of East Indian heritage who has lived on four continents, I have personally experienced different cultures, religions, political systems, prejudices and personal struggles such as divorce and separation… all of which experience has become the underpinning for the project that has engulfed me since adolescence: my own spiritual quest. Yet I don’t mean “my own” in a narrow sense because, as I strive for liberation, I hope to thereby be able to share and inspire others.”

Always and forever a student – for the past 10+ years, I have spent a vast amount of time studying with Dr Carlos de Leon, PhD who is the founder of  Ontogony Evolution Ltd, on healing modalities which include: Transpersonal Body Mind Psychotherapy; Tantra Therapy; Self Therapy; Past Life Therapy; Kaballah Mysticism and 7 Lotus Chi Kung (martial arts). Currently studying Dzogchen and White Crane Kung Fu.  These teachings plus the extensive knowledge I have received studying Shamanism with Gretchen Andersen, (an extraordinary Shamanic Teacher) are the foundation from which my work is derived.

My passion in understanding and transforming “negative & dense” energy and how it affects our lives and environment was the catalyst in developing the Cleansing and Protection sprays and the subsequent products such as the Protection Oil and the Yoga Mat Spray…

The WisdomTrees Cleansing and Protection sprays are hand crafted and charged with a heart felt intention to help cleanse and protect as well as to promote healthier vitality and energy flow. The essential oils used in the sprays have all been carefully selected for their cleansing, protection and antibacterial properties and whenever available I opt to use Organic. The final blessings are infused into the formula using Shamanic teachings and practice which have their roots in Mexico.

Which brings me to where I am today – still a student, still fascinated, still excited, and always welcome the opportunity to help others on their own personal evolution.

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Sindy S. Taylor