Cleanse & Protect Services

Feel Good! CLEANSE and PROTECT… Derived from ancient teachings and traditions, and adapted to today’s modern world, we offer cleansing and protection to eliminate negative energy and promote healthier vitality and flow.

Our rituals include the use of cedar, copal, aromatherapy essential oils, WisdomTrees sprays and can be applied with or without smoke.

Why cleanse?

Because you deserve the freedom to be happy.  

We pick up energy like a magnet or a sponge; good and bad vibrations affect us. Cleansing and protection helps eliminate negative energy and program good vibes! Set yourself free, reclaim your personal power, and live in joy.

Why protect?

After cleansing, it makes sense to protect work that has been done.

  • Seal in good vibes, reinforce your intentions and keep negativity away!
  • As a preventative measure; before upcoming challenges, stressful meetings, first dates, job interviews, negative entities and even family gatherings.
  • Keep bad vibes away from you, your family and your home.

Cleansing and protection deals with just about everything that can set you free!

  • Places: Accumulated energy from public places, transport, restaurants, work, gyms, hospitals, and schools.
  • People: Arguments, difficult personalities, negative people, unbalanced energy.
  • Situations: Moving, divorce, financial strain, difficult decisions, empty nest, difficult relationships.
  • Items: Clean the energy of previous owners or program new items to work productively.

Who should cleanse?

Anyone desiring a lighter, brighter vibe!

  • Those dealing with challenging situations, feeling lost, fearful, victimized, discontent or anxious.
  • Sensitives, empaths, intuitives, artists, writers, musicians, teachers, and those working in the healing arts including; hands on touch,  massage, counseling or psychology, care givers, and health care providers. (Yup… pretty much everyone can benefit!)


Selling or Buying a Home? Moving to new Office Space?

Dense and negative energy accumulates from negative thoughts, negative interactions, and situations such as divorce, financial strain, peer pressure, bullying and difficult personal relationships in general…

The walls, ceilings, objects, furniture, and carpets etc. absorb everything that is happening in its surroundings. The accumulation of these negative energies can affect people mentally, emotionally and even physically. Stress, anxiety and sickness are becoming epidemic – its time to reconnect with the simple traditional rituals of cleansing and protection from many an indigenous country…

Cleansing and Protection will eliminate built up dense and negative energy and promote a healthier energy flow in the environment in which to live and work!

We Offer House and Office Cleansing by Quotation – Email Us for Consultation

Cleansing Affiliates Team:

Sindy, Founder – WisdomTrees Intentional Products & Services

My passion in understanding and transforming “negative & dense” energy and how it affects our lives and environment was the catalyst in developing the WisdomTrees Cleansing and Protection sprays and the subsequent products…

I have spent a vast amount of time studying in the areas of Body Mind Therapy; Tantra Therapy; Self Therapy; Chi Kung (martial arts) and Shamanism which are the foundation from which my work is derived. I love sharing these amazing teachings and offer group workshops where people can learn how to keep other peoples negative energy from affecting them, and create healthy energy boundaries in all relationships. Ultimately, I love to help create a harmonious flow in work and home so that people feel clear and energized every day!

sara Sara, Practitioner – Body Mind Therapy

Sara is a storyteller and expert in community development. Her passion for life and belief in the magic of our ever evolving human condition is the foundation for her sharing all that she has learned. Her natural intuitive abilities put her on a quest beyond her Doukhobor community and connected her with many great teachers. Through her life she learned about plants, sound, creativity and the physical and subtle energies. Over time Sara had developed her unique method of divination in ‘Stone Throwing’.


andreaAndrea, Holistic Practitioner

A passion for healing and helping others has always driven my life — I recognized it as my calling from a young age. Along with this calling, a wide range of life experiences have shaped who I am: growing up in Mexico as part of a bicultural and bilingual home, earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, traveling, and setting up my own bakery business. As a result of these experiences, I am able to readily reach out across cultures and put into practice the diverse teachings I am so passionate about including Shamanic Teachings which have their roots in Mexico.


Carmen, Holistic Practitioner

Carmen has been a holistic practitioner for over 25 years. She is a Shamanic Practitioner; 3rd year student of Ontogonic Body/Mind Transpersonal Psychotherapy; Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Business Owner and TEP Therapeutic Massage Facilitator. Carmen has been successfully bridging the Corporate Business World with Holistic Practices and she is a conscious entrepreneur. She believes that her role as a holistic practitioner is to facilitate healing by helping individuals get back into balance – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Shamanic Practices and cleansings: Shamanism can be traced to the beginning of time. Carmen has always been interested in this ancient practice and has studied with Shamans and Teachers of various lineages and ancient traditions globally. Her Grandmother was 100% Ojibwa. Carmen is Metis. Shamanism is our soul’s direct expression of its desire to bring body/mind consciousness into the full realization that we are Spirit and one with all. Carmen has facilitated and performed ceremonies in South and Central America, Egypt, Mexico, USA and Canada.

Water – There are many variations of water cleansing. Some use simply the power of the element, others add floral essences

Plant – Plant cleansings offer a gentle harmonious way to clear discordant energies and offer gentle qualities of support.

Smoke – Is perhaps the most proliferated method of cleansing discordant or stuck energies that may impede your general health and well being.  Its roots come from ancient traditions amongst Indigenous people, Egypt, India and East Asia.

Fire – Fire is generally used to burn off energies that maybe entrenched. It offers a purification that goes deep allowing the opportunity for the individual to have a fresh perspective whilst creating fertile soil for new growth.

Metal – This is an extremely powerful method of clearing and can go very deep into etheric and sub-etheric realms. A metal tool such as a knife or scissors is passed over an individual’s energy field to unwind and release discordant or disharmonic energies. For those who see, it can be seen as smoothing out of the auric field.

Sound – This is a gentle way of restoring and reconnecting one to their personal core. It allows one to travel deep into themselves letting the physical and energetic bodies align to that in the here and now.

Egg Cleansing and Reading – The egg in some cultures is a powerful symbol and tool for transformation. It is a gentle but very powerful way to draw disharmonious and discordant energies from the body. Once the egg has been used for cleansing, it can then be used to gain insight into the disharmonies and illustrate where personal re-strengthening should occur. (Please note: This particular tool that was imparted to the practitioner comes from a Mexican tradition).

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